Efficiacy – What the Research Says about Play Therapy

The Efficacy of Play Therapy with Children: A Meta Analytic Review of Treatment Outcomes, Bratton et. al (2005).

The Importance of Play in Promoting Healthy Child Development and Maintaining Strong Parent Bonds, Ginsberg, (2006), American Academy of Pediatrics

Play Therapy

Play Therapy Works! (Video)

Explaining Play Therapy for Parents (Video)

Explaining Play Therapy for Children (Video)

Children’s Books

Children’s Book List – This is a list of children’s books organized by category and age group. (Some examples of categories include: being a friend, accepting different kinds of friends, happy feelings, sad feelings, angry feelings, worried feelings, caring about others, problem solving, self confidence, good behavior expectations, family relationships, bullying/teasing, grief/loss). – From Vanderbilt University

Anh’s Anger and Steps and Stones by: Gail Silver are fantastic children’s books that normalize anger, externalize it and teach coping skills like breathing and walking away!


Helping Children Understand Divorce

Co-Parenting Tips for Divorced Parents

Educational Resources

Protecting the Educational Rights of Students with Disabilities in Public Schools Handbook

Playground Neuroscience: Connect and Redirect

Emotions and Self-Regulation

Calm Yourself: Calm Your Child

Teaching Your Child to Identify and Express Emotions

Dr. John and Julie Gottman Talk about Emotion Coaching (Video)


Love and Logic Parenting

Love and Logic: Free Handouts!

Beyond Consequences: Parenting for Traumatized and Adopted Children

Make Your Own Behavior Chart

Differences Between Praise and Encouragement

Sensory Processing

Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation

Sensory Processing Challenges Symptom Checklist For Schools

Sensory Processing Challenges Symptom Checklist For Parents

The Developmental Hierarchy of Sensory Processing and Executive Function (Video)

Sexual Development

Understanding Sexual Behaviors of Young Children– from Fairfax County Department of Family Services

Understanding and Coping with Sexual Behavior Problems in Children– from The National Child Traumatic Stress Network


Bonding and Attachment, Bruce Perry

Trauma, Brain and Relationships: Helping Children Heal – Documentary with Bryan Post, Phd and Bruce Perry, MD on trauma and attachment and brain chemistry.