Rosie Newman is a WA Department of Health Approved Supervisor and Registered Play Therapist – Supervisor (RPT-S) through the Association for Play Therapy. Find out more about me.

If your are working towards your Registered Play Therapist (RPT) credential, receiving supervision from an RPT-S may expedite that process. You are able to fulfill your supervision requirements by obtaining 335 supervised hours and 30 hours of clinical supervision from an RPT-S (versus 500 supervised hours and 50 hours of supervision from an non-RPT-S credentialed supervisor).  For information about the Registered Play Therapist credential Click Here.

Clinical Consultation/Business Consultation

I provide consultation for therapists looking to refine their clinical skills as child and play therapists. As a consultant, I create a safe place to process, think critically about cases, offer clinical insights and review ethical considerations and professional standards, while supporting the professional growth and development of the clinician. Furthermore, when necessary, I offer business development consultation, offering you mentorship in developing a thriving private practice.

The cost for a one hour session is $110. Group consultation is limited to two participants and the fee may be shared. If you are interested in sharing group email me and I can put you in contact with others have also expressed interest. Or, you may be interested in attending the Play Therapy Case Consultation Groups.

Clinical Supervision

I am able to supervise associate therapists working towards licensure. The difference between Supervision and Consultation is that I will sign off on your hours for licensure. Because of this, mutual determination of fit is an important part of this process.  I offer a one hour meeting, free of charge, so that we can determine fit before moving forward with a supervisory relationship. Since my experience is with children and teens, I do not provide supervision for therapists working with adults.  My therapeutic style and orientation is focused depth work, meaningful interactions, play therapy and creative and expressive interventions (feel free to browse my website to learn more about me).

The cost per session is $110/hr and is provided on an individual basis.

[Please note that I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), so please be aware of your own licensing body’s requirements for obtaining supervision.]

For Professionals Interested in Play Therapy

I am often approached by students and therapists interested in Play Therapy. As a passionate play therapist and the former president of the WA Association for Play Therapy, I have a strong commitment to advocating and educating therapists and the community about play therapy. As such, therapists often ask me where to learn more about Play Therapy and how to become a Registered Play Therapist (RPT). Here are some tips:

For information about becoming a Registered Play Therapist Click Here for the guidelines.