Educational Support

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Is your child having  at school? Are you anxious that every call from your child’s school will be another problem?  Are you confused because your child seems to do fine at home, but at school they are struggling? 

Are you a teacher, or educator that has “tried everything” to support a student, and feelings frustrated you can’t meet the needs of this child? Is your class overwhelming and you constantly feel like you are putting “social emotional fires out”, and barely getting the material?

We can help! We have many educational support options to fit your individual needs and collective needs. 

Parent Support Advocate

We meet with parents to learn more about the challenges that your child is having at school to provide you with guidance on advocating for your child’s social, emotional and educational needs at school. 

Wherever you are in the process, we can read your reports, evaluations, 504s, Individualized Education Plans (IEP) to provide your guidance on how schools can best support the needs of your child. 

Have you ever noticed that the IEP and neuropsychological report is over 20 pages, each! It can be overwhelming! We can provide you with a summary of school based recommendations that are easy to read, and easier for educators to implement. 

In addition, we can attend your Individualized Education Plans (IEP) to help you understand you know your rights, and advocate for your child’s needs. 

School Observations

Do you ever wonder what is happening in your child’s school while you are not there? Why your child continues to have challenges at school despite being fine at home? 

With school permission, we can enter schools and observe your child in action. We can identify your what dynamics in the classroom may be contributing your child’s behaviors and provide plans and advice for parents and staff about being your child’s social, emotional and educational needs in the classroom. 

Consultation and Professional Development Trainings for Educators

We work with educators to incorporate social and emotionally informed strategies that can be used in the classroom to increase mindfulness, self regulation, self concept, decision making, executive function and more! 

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