Parent Coaching

What is Parent Coaching?

Parent Coaching provides parents and caregivers with individualized tools, strategies, and support. You will meet with a provider trained in children’s mental health, with a deep understanding of child development, and who understands the common challenges that parents face. They will provide you with individualized approaches to ordinary (and extraordinary!) parenting challenges.

Our Approach

We focus on supporting your parenting to strengthen the parent-child relationship and help you raise well-adjusted, emotionally competent children. Through listening and an active exchange of information, we can provide individualized parenting strategies that encourage cooperation, decrease conflict and prioritize healthy, connected relationships.

Please note that while our Parent Coaching providers are licensed therapists, Parent Coaching is a consultation and coaching service, not a healthcare service nor psychotherapy. Therefore it is not billable to insurance or eligible for Health Savings Accounts. Psychotherapy is a separate healthcare service that includes diagnosing and treating emotional and psychological problems.

What topics can be addressed in Parent Coaching?

Here are some examples but not limited to:

  • Bedtime battles
  • Moving from surviving parenting to responsive parenting
  • Responding to meltdowns
  • Sleep issues
  • New sibling
  • Difficulties with drop-off and separation
  • Challenges with potty training
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Parenting highly sensitive and neurodivergent children
  • Navigating school-based behavioral complaints
  • Difficulty with social interactions and play

What's included in Parent Coaching?

  • 50-min video call
  • Individualized plan
  • 25-min follow-up call


Add-On Options

  • 30-min Home observation with a verbal summary (scheduled separately from your Parent Coaching appointment)

  • 45-min School observation* with a written summary (scheduled separately from your Parent Coaching appointment)

*Subject to school approval;  Travel fees may apply for locations that are more than 15 mins away from our office ($20/additional 15 mins)


To Get Started

1. Book your initial appointment

Use the scheduler below to book your appointment and make a payment.

2. Fill out the paperwork

Upon booking your initial appointment, you will receive a form in email. Please complete the form prior to your first appointment.

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