Parent Coaching

What is Parent Coaching?

Parent Coaching is a good fit for families that are looking for short-term, goal-focused parenting strategies to address a particular problem. It is designed be resource rich in which the therapist works with parents to strategize and problem solve, rather than exploring the situation. Parent Coaching appointments are 50-minutes with subsequent 25-minute follow up appointments to check in and address implementation of the strategies. Because these are parent-only sessions, we can avoid diagnosis and they are conveniently scheduled during the school day, though we also have some limited end-of-day options. 

Our Approach

Our parenting approach and style prioritizes the parent-child relationship with the aim of helping you raise well-adjusted, emotionally competent children rather than specifically targeting behavioral change. Our hope is that by providing parents with individualized parenting strategies based on your situation, while prioritizing a connected relationship, you will increase your confidence as a parent and your child will build confidence and emotional competence.

Please note that while our Parent Coaching providers are licensed therapists, Parent Coaching is a consultation and coaching service, not a healthcare service nor psychotherapy. Therefore it is not billable to insurance or eligible for Health Savings Accounts. Psychotherapy is a separate healthcare service that includes diagnosing and treating emotional and psychological problems.

Parent Coaching Scheduling Process

Please email us at to schedule an appointment.



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