School Observations

Do you wonder what is happening in your child’s school while you are not there? Why your child continues to have challenges at school despite doing well at home? 

With school permission, we can enter schools and observe your child in action. We can identify what dynamics in the classroom may be contributing your child’s behaviors and provide plans and advice for parents and staff about supporting your child’s social, emotional and educational needs in the classroom. 

School Observation and Support Packages

What's included in the "School Observation Package?"

Forty-five minute meeting for parents to share about concerns. Obtain consent from the school to observe.

One-hour observation preferably across multiple environments (i.e circle time, transition, and recess).

Forty-five minute Caregiver feedback to share observations, written report if requested (price difference).

Thirty-minute follow up with teachers to share strengths observed and areas to meet with child’s needs.

Available Add-On Services

Example School Supports Doc

We customize supports for your child based on our observations and the conversations with your school about implementing our recommendations. If you choose the written support add-on, we write up our recommendations in a user friendly document that can be easily edited and shared with teachers across various domains. 


Yes! Even though we many not observe the child’s behaviors that you are most concerned about the, the therapist will still be able to note dynamics in the classroom and possible supports to put into place. 

This observation is meant to simply observe the child in their natural environment, so as to see regular patterns of behaviors and interactions. 

We most frequently observe children in schools and daycare centers located within Seattle, Shoreline, Edmonds, and Lynnwood. Travel fees apply and are charged in $20 per 15 minute increment from our office location. 

Yes! We offer a different service – a school support advocate – to help you make sense of all of the evaluations and forms you may receive to know the best ways to support your child. 

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