Child Parent Relationship Therapy

Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) is an evidenced-based model in which the therapist teaches the parent to play therapeutically with their child while the therapist watches and provides strength-based coaching. This methods allows caregivers to be the agent of change for their child by learning to understand the child’s feelings and needs beneath their behaviors. CPRT strengthens parent-child relationships and allows parents and children to learn new ways of being together. This all occurs through the child’s natural language of play! 

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In Child-Parent Relationship Therapy, your therapist will teach you to facilitate special 30-minute playtimes to help you and your child build neural connections for resilience and joy. This special type of parent-child play allows your child to express their inner feelings and worries and increases your understanding of your child’s needs.  

Your therapist will provide guidance, coaching and strength-based feedback to improve the special playtimes, help you understand the meaning behind your child’s play and ways to respond to promote your child’s ability to process feelings through this medium.

We have found that the online medium is incredibly effective for this model. Caregivers set up a special play space and the therapist watches through the Zoom camera providing the caregiver with structure for the session. Children feel freer to play and connect with their caregiver compared to being in an office setting with the therapist in the room. 

When children experience a safe play relationship in which they feel accepted, understood and cared for, they play out anxieties and stressors. Parents will learn how to respond to your child’s play in a way that builds your child’s sense of self, self-control and self-regulation. Your child will then be able to discover their own strengths and assume greater self-responsibility. Engaging in special playtime strengthens your bond with your child, builds resilience and decreases problematic and challenging behaviors. 

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