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Play Therapy

Play Therapy decreases problematic behaviors, while increasing your child's internal strength and belief in themselves. All in the child's natural language of play!

Parent Support

Parent Support & Coaching is for caregivers who have a certain issue they would like support with and do not want their child to be seen directly or receive a mental health diagnosis.


We provide tweens and teens support for social, emotional and behavioral challenges. We use creative and expressive mediums to add a layer to processing and understanding.

Child Parent Relationship Therapy

We teach parents to play therapeutically with their own child in special play sessions. Implementing CPRT strengthens the parent-child relationship while allowing your child to process experiences and feelings through play.

Family Play Therapy

In Family Play Therapy, instead of asking kids to talk it out, we invite parents to drop down to the child's level and play. When families play out new ways of being it can illuminate patterns and insights for the whole family.

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Enter into children's play and you will find the place where their minds, hearts, and souls meet.

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