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Groups for Caregivers

Waitlist: This group is for Asian families to connect and explore their parent-child, and family, dynamics in the context of their history and ethnic identities. We hope this group will give space for families to strengthen relationships!

Waitlist: This parent support group is a space for caregivers who may be experiencing similar and/or different parenting challenges to connect and receive guidance and encouragement. 

Future Groups

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Gender Affirming Parenting Workshop

Join us for a workshop on gender-affirming parenting. We’ll dive into what gender is (and is not), common myths about gender and parenting, best practices (based on science!) for parenting a gender-expansive child, how to make space for your feelings about gender and your child’s identity while still affirming your child.

Taming Toddler Tantrums

This parent education group provides parents/ caregivers with a deeper understanding of their child’s brain development and offers practical strategies to support their child’s emotional and cognitive growth. Opportunities to connect with other parents who share similar experiences to receive support and guidance in their parental journey.

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