Upcoming Groups & Workshops

Summer Groups

The Encounter Play Group provides room for children to build rapport and establish a sense of community. There are two rounds of the Encounter Group currently offered. Please select the times that work for you by filling out the interest form. 

  • Round 1: June 20th – August 15th, Thursdays from 5pm-5:50pm
  • Round 2: July 11th – Sept 5th, Thursdays from 9am-9:50am
  • Optional parent meetings at week 4 & 8, $75 per session
  • Kindergarten (Ages 5-6)
  • In-person, at SPT
  • $550 for 8 sessions, excluding parent meetings

The Trailblazers is a group for kids ages 10+ making space to connect with self, others and nature though play! Led by two therapists, Orion Zick and Sarah Block, group sessions may include creative projects, playful movement and mindful exploring, looking to acknowledge the benefits of time spent outside and in connection. Join us for enriching outdoor experiences where exploration, growth, and fun come together in the great outdoors!

  • Fridays from 10am-12pm
  • July 12th to August 30th
  • Ages 10+
  • In-person, at various locations (see interest form for more info)
  • $70 for each session

Join us for the Identity Explorers Group! A therapy group focused on building self-esteem and identity exploration for neurodivergent children. Children ages 8-10 are welcome to join! 

The group facilitators are Lindsey Shafto, LSWAIC and Michaela McCabe, LMFTA. 

  • Wednesdays, 3-3:50pm
  • July 10th – August 7th
  • Ages 8-10
  • In-person, at SPT
  • $450 for 5 sessions

Caregivers Book Club will be a bimonthly series. Each month is its own separate book and event. We will have some time to read the excerpt during the group so come even if you haven’t had a chance to read! We will facilitate a creative exercise in response to the book material and then moderate a book discussion. 

  • Bimonthly meetings
  • Upcoming Session: June 12th  5-6pm PST
  • Caregivers
  • Virtual via Zoom
  • $40 per session

* While these groups are led by our child therapists, they are psychoeducational in nature and not considered a healthcare service. As such, they are not billable to insurance.

Past Groups

Scroll to the bottom to submit an interest form for one of the groups below. Groups will be offered again based on community needs and interest.

Parent and Family Groups

AAPI Group: This group is for Asian families to connect and explore their parent-child, and family, dynamics in the context of their history and ethnic identities. We hope this group will give space for families to strengthen relationships!

Parent Support Group: This group is a space for caregivers who may be experiencing similar and/or different parenting challenges to connect and receive guidance and encouragement. 


Gender Affirming Parenting Workshop: Join us for a workshop on gender-affirming parenting. We’ll dive into what gender is (and is not), common myths about gender and parenting, best practices (based on science!) for parenting a gender-expansive child, how to make space for your feelings about gender and your child’s identity while still affirming your child.

Taming Toddler Tantrums: This parent education group provides parents/ caregivers with a deeper understanding of their child’s brain development and offers practical strategies to support their child’s emotional and cognitive growth. Opportunities to connect with other parents who share similar experiences to receive support and guidance in their parental journey.

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