Parent Education Series

Parent Education Series is a monthly virtual meeting led by parent educator Mara Mulcahy, LICSW, designed to empower parents with tools for navigating various important topics along their parenting journey.

About the Facilitator

Mara Mulcahy, LICSW has over 25 years of experience working with children and families as a Child and Family Therapist and as a Parent Educator.  Mara brings her experience as a professional and a parent, plus research-based best practice information to support your parent-child relationship and to help you better understand your child’s unique development. She is practical, knows that parenting is difficult (joyful, exhausting, and wonderful), and believes community, connection + laughter can make parenting easier and more fun.  

At Seattle Play Therapy, Mara sees both children and parents. She enjoys helping kids learn to use their emotions to express themselves fully, rather than fueling maladaptive behaviors (which can make family life hard). In working directly with parents, Mara excels. No situation is too messy. She has a wide range of tools, solutions, and structures that can immediately help parents and caregivers feel calmer, and more capable resulting in increased ease in family life. She is available to provide support for your parenting.   

Parenting can be hard.

Even harder if you're doing it alone.

We're here to help.

Meeting Day & Time

We meet every second Tuesday of the month online from 12pm-1:15pm.

Please note that the Parent Education Series is intended for educational purposes only and is not a therapeutic service.

Schedule and Topics

Unleash the potential of play, just in time for summer.   

Parents and caregivers come and discover how the children in your life (preschool to school-age) are developing important skills while they play.   

We will explore practical summertime ideas, brain development, building executive functioning, increasing social, emotional, and physical health, what to do when “boredom” or conflict merges, and much more.

What skills do children need to thrive in kindergarten? This session explores developmental milestones and activities to help prepare your child for this exciting transition.

Change can be difficult at any age. Get tips for supporting your child through transitions like moves, new siblings, divorce, or other major life events.

Navigating friendships is tough! Learn positive approaches for teaching children how to make friends, be a good friend, and resolve conflicts. 

Quality time strengthens family bonds. We’ll discuss playful, intentional ways to connect with your child through games, reading, outdoor adventures and more.

Parenting can be incredibly rewarding but also exhausting. Explore self-care strategies and mindsets to become a more patient, present caregiver. 

Family traditions anchor children and create warm memories. Explore ideas for establishing fun, meaningful rituals that bring your family together. 

Young children often struggle with managing big emotions. Get guidance on validating feelings while setting appropriate limits. 

Highly competitive games tend to bring out accusations of cheating. We’ll look at ways to reframe perspectives on winning/losing. 

Discussing sexual health with young kids can feel awkward, but providing age-appropriate information is vital. We’ll explain what to share and how.

Discipline is a key part of teaching self-control. Learn positive discipline strategies to set age-appropriate boundaries for preschool and early elementary kids.

From social media use to curfews, setting limits with older kids/tweens brings new challenges. Get tips for this transitional stage. 


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