Additional Parent Support

Our Parent Support Specialist: Mara Mulcahy, MSW, LICSW

You may have encountered Mara’s warm presence in our office. As a seasoned child therapist with extensive experience in parent education, Mara excels at supporting parents along side child work.

While your child’s therapist continues to work towards specific child-focused goals, Mara offers a complementary service: in-depth parent consultations.

These sessions run parallel to your child’s therapy, providing additional parenting support to address the multifaceted needs of your family.

Mara’s expertise lies in empowering parents with the tools and insights necessary to navigate the challenges that arise along the way. Her supportive guidance ensures that you feel equipped and confident in your parenting role.

10-minute consultations are available prior to scheduling this add-on parent sessions. Ask your therapist or email to schedule an appt or a 10-min consultation.


Once you are an established client at SPT, sessions with Mara, our parent support specialist are billed under your child’s insurance. This means that it’s the same cost to you as traditional parent session (CPT code 90846). 

In some cases, more support, such as longer sessions may be useful to you, in which case Mara will suggest this, and it may be possible to open a chart for yourself and bill under your own insurance. 

Parent support sessions with Mara are generally 25-30 minutes. If she feels longer sessions are warranted, she may suggest to you other options for support, including opening a chart for you and billing under your own insurance. 

Working with Mara for additional parent support compliments the therapeutic work you are doing with your child therapist. As a play therapist, Mara understands how play therapy works to descrease your child’s behaviors while increasing their internal growth. Her support and strategies support you in understanding your child’s needs while supporting your experiences as a parent. 

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