Welcome to your CCD Session 1 Post-Test!

You will have 3 attempts to receive at least 75% to pass the test. You must pass the test to receive CEs.

Psychotherapy documentation is:

What is the main problem of using traditional treatment plans in CCPT?

The ethical guidelines for documentation for play therapists are located in:

Child-Centered Play Therapy theory focuses on:

The central tenet of the Child-Centered Documentation framework says, “As progress towards ______ objectives are achieved in play therapy, external symptoms decrease.

What are the advantages of separating GROWTH objectives and SYMPTOM objectives on treatment plans?

Which of the following is NOT true about SYMPTOM objectives according to the Child-Centered Documentation Framework?

Which of the following is NOT an example of the Person-Centered theory of change?

As internal growth increases, external symptoms will decrease.

Which of the following is NOT one of Axline's 8 basic principles?

According to Landreth, play therapy helps:

Which of the following is considered part of the Child-Centered Documentation Treatment Planning Framework?

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